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Migrations: Understanding the Implications of a World on the Move (video)

The migration of everything from people, animals, and plants to pathogens and scientific ideas is increasing at an unprecedented rate. This movement offers both opportunities and obstacles across the planet. Ultimately, migration shapes all of our lives. It is a challenge we need to meet. Cornell's Migrations initiative is distinguished by our explicit recognition that collectively, we will achieve something distinct from what the humanities, social sciences, or natural and life sciences can do in isolation.


Our ability to understand migrations and address real-world migration challenges is dramatically improved by working together, as evidenced by this panel's discussion, recorded on June 5, 2020, as part of Cornell's virtual reunion weekend.

The panel featured Wendy Wolford, vice provost for international affairs; Rachel Riedl, director, Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies; Wendy Erb, postdoctoral fellow, Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Eric Tagliacozzo, director, Comparative Muslim Societies program at the Einaudi Center; Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law practice; and Filiz Garip, professor of sociology and director of the Center for the Study of Economy and Society.