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4:30 pm, Uris Hall, G08

Talk by Yunus Sozen (Political Science Department, LeMoyne College)

3:00 pm, Biotechnology Building, G10

Free expression is a human right and cornerstone of a democratic society.

11:30 am, White Hall, 106

Today, illegality is the major frame through which societies discuss migration. While the existing literature has situated the emergence of the figure of the illegal migrant in the post-1945 era, I show that people were already criminalized as illegal in 1920s Germany.

12:00 pm

What does freedom mean without, and despite, the state? In her new book, Resisting Racial Capitalism: An Antipolitical Theory of Refusal, Ida Danewid argues that state power is central to racial capitalism's violent regimes of extraction and accumulation.

5:00 pm, A. D. White House, Guerlac Room

Associate Professor Aliyah Khan from the University of Michigan will give a talk on Afro-Diasporic Traditions as part of the Religions on the Move lecture series, sponsored by the Program of Religious Studies at Cornell University.

9:00 am, Location TBD

This conference brings together scholars undertaking new research on questions of democratic resistance and sources of resilience in response to global evidence of democratic backsliding.

5:30 pm, AD White, Guerlac Room

An in-depth and troubling look at a little-known group of immigrants—noncitizen soldiers who enlist in the US military.

5:00 pm, Goldwin Smith Hall, HEC 132

The 2023 - 2024 Rabinor Lecture in American Studies

Title: Dispossessed: Cornell University’s Origins in Indian Country

Speaker: Professor Jon W. Parmenter, Cornell University