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Cornell University


7:00 pm, Willard Straight Theatre

w/introduction by Elissa Sampson (Jewish Studies) on Oct 21

1974 > USA > Directed by Joan Micklin Silver

With Steven Keats, Carol Kane, Mel Howard

1:00 pm, Clark Hall, 700

Political scientists Rebecca Hamlin and Lamis Abdelaaty are migration scholars whose work has broad implications for the study of asylum and migrant rights.

4:30 pm

Over the last few decades, California’s Silicon Valley has become not only the world’s technological epicenter, but also one of the fastest growing, and most racially and ethnically diverse regions in the U.S.

4:30 pm, Willard Straight Theatre

w/intro by Samantha Sheppard (PMA) on Nov 10

1990 > USA > Directed by Julie Dash

With Cora Lee Day, Alva Rodgers