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2:00 pm

Borderlands, migrations, and movement are prevalent themes in post-secondary education. They connect students to seemingly disparate experiences in an increasingly inter-connected world.

4:30 pm, Uris Hall, G08

Since the so-called ‘Mediterranean migration crisis’ in 2015-16, the member states of the European Union with few exceptions have seen a marked shift to the right in the voting behavior of their electorates as existing and sometimes new authoritarian populist parties have identified the arrival o

5:00 pm, Goldwin Smith Hall, 132

The 2022 - 2023 Rabinor Lecture in American Studies.

Title: Decolonizing Visual Culture: Interventions on a North-South Axis in the Americas

Speakers: Jolene Rickard and Ananda Cohen-Aponte

9:00 am, National Press Club , Fourth Estate Room

Congress has been unable to enact comprehensive immigration reform for over 30 years.
Employers face an unprecedented shortage of workers.
The Dreamers, long-contributing members of our society, face uncertainty due to litigation questioning the legality of the DACA program.

12:00 am

American Studies Spring 2023 Colloquium - Ecofascism

Speaker: Harsha Walia

Talk title: The Border as Fascism

12:30 pm, Kahin Center

Gatty Lecture Series

Join us for a talk by Khatharya Um, (Associate Dean and Associate Professor, UC Berkeley), which will focus on borders and barriers in Southeast Asian studies.

12:25 pm, Uris Hall, G08

The story of TodoSomos, two years on the Venezuelan Colombian border, rigorously documenting the humanitarian crisis through the collection of first-person narrative and how we created an archive of the story that is undeniable and inconvenient to those responsible for the crisis.

5:00 pm, Uris Hall, G08

Risking their lives along a network of dangerous Colombian highways to confronting the wounds of leaving home through poetry, Nos Vemos Pronto documents first-hand the treacherous and diverse experiences of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.

12:30 pm, Kahin Center

Gatty Lecture Series

Join us for a talk by Lina Chhun, (Assistant Professor, Department of American Studies, University of Texas at Austin), who will discuss oral histories in Cambodian American communities.

12:30 pm, Kahin Center

Gatty Lecture Series

Join us for a talk by Phi Hong Su, (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Wiliams College), who will speak about Vietnamese migrants in Berlin.